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ApolloDupuy industrial vacuums are not just vacuum cleaners, but real industrial tools which contribute to increase the efficiency of industrial processes and, at the same time, security and cleaning standards, even in the most demanding working environments.

We provide solutions for nearly any application in any industry worldwide. From pharmaceutical laboratories to foundries, from small bakeries to the largest car manufacturers, our vacuum cleaners fulfil all cleaning needs of our global industrial customers.

ApolloDupuy professional and skilled sales team are always available to give the customer the best solutions to any concerns regarding cleaning matters or material recovery.

Born as a manufacturer of polishers and vacuum cleaners, in 1964 DU-PUY began the construction of industrial vacuum cleaners for liquids and solids, for various industrial applications.

Always operating with a view to constant innovation, and also thanks to the contact and the most diverse needs of customers, today the company designs and produces tailor made vacuum solutions targeted to every industrial sector.

DU-PUY has been designing and manufacturing vacuuming solutions since 1964. Our history is about constant innovation, thanks to ongoing contact maintained with customers, and our purpose is to offer vacuum solutions in response to needs in all industrial fields.

  • History of innovation since 1964
  • Research for design solutions
  • Design and production take place in Settimo Torinese (Near Turin).
  • Entirely Customisable machines
  • One core value: to exceed customer expectations

We provide the right vacuum solution, tailored to the needs of each customer. 

Our vision is the goal we strive for in everything we do, and it characterizes the conviction of every person who is part of DU-PUY.

The creation of value guides every aspect of our business, showing us the way to implement behaviors and attitudes in line with our brand.

Only by being guided by the Vision can we build a successful future.

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